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'Creating Brighter Tomorrows Together,

Positive Change Begins Here.' 

Center for Positive Change offers in-person and telehealth appointments. We are currently accepting new clients.

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"At the Center for Positive Change, we understand that our community is plagued with issues like violence (both domestic and non), substance abuse, poverty, child abuse and neglect, grief, trauma, hopelessness, racial and gender inequality, identity issues, and discrimination within the LGBTQIA+ community. We are committed to the process of helping you navigate the stressors in your personal life. Everyone is different and is facing their own battles: at the Center for Positive Change, we will meet you where you are in your healing journey and provide you with caring, individualized treatment. Our staff is well-educated and appropriately trained in various treatment areas. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, honest, empathetic, and having personal and professional integrity. We hope that we can offer a judgment-free and safe space for you to be yourself, to feel heard, respected, accepted, supported, advocated for, and empowered. If we can help you make positive changes in your own life, we know that will have a ripple effect within your families and, ultimately, our community as a whole. Connect with us to learn more.”

-Shelby Geyer, LSW, Executive Director

Our Mission

Center for Positive Change is committed to strengthening individuals, families, and our community by promoting non-violence and positive change.

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“11 years ago, I came to the Center for Positive Change not knowing what to expect. I soon came to realize this was a place I could always count on to provide the support and guidance I needed. I took full advantage of all services they had to offer and my life made a complete 180 because of it.”

- Adam

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