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Shelby FINAL.jpg
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Shelby Geyer, LSW

Executive Director 

Domestic Violence Program Manager 

Licensed Social Worker

Pat FINAL.jpg

Patricia Hancock, LCSW

Supervisory Consultant

Men's BIP/AIP Group Facilitator

President, Board of Directors 

Christian headshot.jpg

Christian Lankford

Men's Batterer's Intervention Program Manager

Anger Management Program Manager

Neil FINAL.jpg

Neil Pittman, BIP Certified

Men's BIP/AIP Group Facilitator 

Deb FINAL.jpg

Debra Kirchner (She/Her)

Human Resources Director

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa FINAL.jpg

Lisa Little (She/Her)

Billing Manager

Community Engagement Coordinator

Grant Writer

Jen FINAL.jpg

Jennifer Archer, MSW, LSW (She/Her)

Chief Operating Officer

Substance Abuse Program Manager

Licensed Social Worker


Miah Njenga (She/Her)

Counseling Referral Manager


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