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Janet Stone, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Sawubona! A greeting in the Zulu language, it literally means “I see you.” The full context implies the importance of recognizing the worth and dignity of each person and is the one word that encapsulates the mission of the counseling I provide."

About Me...

"The approach I take in my practice fits most closely to Gestalt Therapy. Yet, I also utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Sessions are very active with the inclusion of processing life events and then educating each client with skills to assist in such areas as de-escalating depression or anxiety, as well as building a healthy marriage/relationship or learning positive parenting practices.

My background in education includes degrees in biology, nursing, and a Master’s in Social Work. In my young adult years, I was a Registered Nurse, providing surgical nursing care. Today, I work alongside each of my clients as they grasp skills to better their mental health and become unstuck from old thought patterns and self-defeating behaviors.

I work with clientele ages 16 through all stages of adulthood. After celebrating more than 34 years of marriage and raising 4 children, my life experiences accentuate my education and give me the ability to meet you where you sit on life’s roller coaster and equip you for a wild, yet doable, ride."

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